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Since Rebol 3 was released as open-source in Dec-2012, we are continuously merging the official source-base with our changes to provide a jump start version of Rebol 3 that works with our R3-GUI framework. If you want to create full blown applications with Rebol, our release is definitely an option for you.
What are the major differences of our Saphir release?
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Graphics Engine with GUI framework
We extended and enhance the graphics engine part of Rebol 3. This includes bug fixes, new features
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Rebol has good networking on-board. Nevertheless, we added things we need like TLS & HTTPS support, we have a BEEP network layer extension as well.
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We create single binary versions of Saphir. No dependencies, just copy and start. Further we have created an encapper, that creates a single binary from your application.
What we are not going to change:
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100% Rebol compatible
Our version can run any Rebol 3 script. No differences.
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Simple and elegant
Our changes are kept simple too. We care about size and speed. Saphir won't become bloated.
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All changes to the Rebol interpreter will be free. Same will be for the graphics engine stuff. Port to special platforms, special features etc. we might offer for small money. This helps to support our development. Beside this, we are sponsoring all the free developments.