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Our R3-GUI library is focused on supporting commercial application development. We keep simplicity in mind but won't sacrifice the necessary complexity for commercial applications. We took the original R3 GUI as base and worked from there by introducing major changes and enhancements.
What are the major features of R3GUI?
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Auto Resizing
We extended and enhanced a flexible built-in box model with easy to use layout and style makers. The resizing system uses simple consistent rules to compute positions and sizes.
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Widgets & Styles
We are continuously extending the available widgets & styles and the features. You have access to a growing library of tested and full fledge GUI elements to build your apps from.
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We created a test-framework, that can automatically test your GUI application. Enter the world of test-driven-development (TDD) for GUI applications without the hassles of additional tools.
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Production Ready
R3GUI is ready for real world applications not only toy apps. We use it for our commercial apps. Take a look at to see an example build with R3GUI.
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Easy to use
We simplified a couple of concepts to make it as simple as possible to get started without limiting the usability for big applications. R3GUI is designed to handle big apps.
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As with Rebol-2 we are bringing R3GUI to the three major platforms.