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Since Saphirion uses a very efficient software development process, we are offering this advantage to others. If you either need custom software or want to use some of the tools we use, this is the right place for you.
What's special about us?

PRODUCTIVE_ This is good for you because we need less time than you might have thought.

EFFICIENT_ Internally we joke and say "All good software fits onto a floppy-disk!"

SIMPLICITY_ Our solutions are simple - easy to install, maintain and use. Most solutions are designed too complicated. We have streamlined designs making us faster while resulting in higher quality.

ENGAGED_ This means, we have high frequency release cycles. You have a change request? We do it most of the time within 24h.

WIZARDS_ Our team consists of highly talented people, assembling years of experience, different skills and cultural backgrounds.
Who we are?

ROBERT M. MÜNCH_ Is the one keeping the business running.

ANDREAS BOLKA_ Our backend, Git, Linux and build-farm expert. Not to mention his in deep compiler building and C coding skills.

BOLESLAV BREZOVSKY_ Started with REBOL 1.0 and used it since to produce mostly sound (synthesizer) and graphics (texture generator, animation editor...) utilities.

HENRIK M. KRISTENSEN_ Known for his GUI design and code. He is programming end user applications and helps to improve our internal code framework.

LADISLAV MECIR_ Known for his deep math and algorithmic know-how. He is developing internal tools and framework code.

RICHARD SMOLAK ("CYPHRE")_ Known for his GUI and graphics know-how. He is the master of our GUI library.
Interested in our service? Let us know about your project.

The first consulting session is free.